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About Casmexkatts

My name is Annette and my husband and I live near Chichester in West Sussex.


My Grandparents had a cat who I spent lots of time with growing up, I have always loved animals, fussing dogs and cats at friends and relations when ever I could, eventually persuading my parents  that we needed our own cat when I was about 13.


Rabbits and a pony also were part of the family whilst I was growing up!


Cats joined Steve and I a year or so after we got married, Steve is very much a dog person and said he would ‘curry’ them if they damaged the house, hence they were called Tia and Frezi after our favourite curries!


He was very tolerant and for quite a few years it was just us and the cats.


Frezi and Tia were semi long haired cats and Frezi was quite a large cat, the vet said he was a chocolate box cat.  We thought he looked a little like a Maine Coon with short legs and this is where the interest in pedigree cats started. We attended a few shows and I was always drawn to the Maine Coons, Steve spotted the Norwegians which at that time were fairly few and far between and he liked the look of them instantly.


We moved to our current house in 2000, now I could realise an ambition that I’d had since meeting a GSD called Max at the stables where I used to go as a child. After a few months Tarot a long haired German Shepherd arrived, 6 months later Merlin followed and then in 2007 Lobo completed the trio.


I also became involved with horses again, meeting Sue and Katie of Highleigh Stud, who have become part of the family  and I’m the very proud owner of a Welsh Section C which we bred, Katie shows professionally and I try to go and support her when ever I can.


Tia sadly died at 9 after being diagnosed with cancer, her brother Frezi was so miserable that we adopted a cat I met whilst I was on a TTouch training course in Bath, Tilley joined us, an elderly tortie cat with hyperthyroidism, most people thought we were mad as they thought we were setting ourselves up for heartbreak as her age was estimated at 17 when we adopted her. She underwent various ops for her thryroid,  had all her teeth removed and she was with us for 6 years....what a character she was.


Frezi sadly left us in January 2011, almost 17 years old, I decided that we had 3 wonderful dogs and that I wouldn’t have another cat.......well that lasted for about a week and I was searching the internet. I had an opportunity to own a pedigree cat, would it be a Maine Coon or a Norwegian ?.........well the rest is history, I fell in love with the Norwegians and was particularly drawn to Nandinakatts Squirell Nutkin who reminded me a little of Frezi, she had a litter of kittens that were available, I called the breeder, then my boss, to book the next day off work and we were heading to Northampton to visit. Deposits were paid and Mexi and Casey were reserved.


I had always been interested in breeding and with the help and support of Nandinakatts I’m very excited to be embarking on this new chapter.


September 2012