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Cat Care

Norwegians are in general very healthy cats and live to a good age.


All cats old and young need love and affection, exercise, fresh water, good food and hopefully not too regularly, the care of a good veterinarian.


The cost of keeping a much loved pet is something that you need to think seriously about about.




Water and Bowls


Always make sure fresh water is available, I recommend using stainless steel or ceramic bowls, the benefit is that they can be sterilised at high temperatures. Some plastics can breakdown over the years, and molecules may be transferred to the food they hold. If you prefer to use plastic bowls then I would suggest these are changed every few years. If they get scratched, replace immediately as bacteria can build up and could cause illness.





Cats need a high meat content and cannot survive on a vegetarian diet.


Feeding a good quality food which contains all the nutrients, ensures your cat will be as healthy as possible. I feed a mixture of wet and dried food.


I  currently use the following but this is by no means an exclusive list:-


Almo (tinned and dried)

Natures Menu (pouches)


Royal Canin (biscuits)

Hills (biscuits)

James Wellbeloved


Premium Supermarket Wet Foods such as Felix -As Good As It Looks



Raw meat diets can be fed and if this is your preference then I suggest that you research this thoroughly, one site that offers good advice is :-




Litter Boxes


My cats seem to prefer a large covered litter tray but all cats have their own likes and dislikes.

I use a wood pellet litter at the moment but am currently reviewing whether to remain with this as the one I have used for many years is no longer available. This type of litter is biodegradable which I prefer if possible.




Cat Scratching Post/Activity Centers


Its very important to give your cat somewhere to scratch and climb, especially if they are indoor cats.


If you have Norwegians, other large breed cats, or multiple cats then I would recommend going for a reasonably heavy duty post, one that has lots of levels that they can jump, play and snooze on. Norwegians love to be up high so one that is relatively tall would be good.


In about a year (with help from my Mums two cats visiting) my initial two scratching posts were looking very tired.


I had seen Tigga Towers at some of the shows and decided to invest in one of their posts, they are heavy duty and so far I’m very impressed.






You can treat your cat to some of the most luxurious beds, which they may love or not!! They will choose their own cozy corner to curl up, it may be your bed or chair, a box or washing basket you can never tell!







As soon as your kitten arrives home its best to register him/her with your local vets. Most vets will ask to see the kitten, this gives them an opportunity to check them and register them on their systems. (with our local vet there is no charge for this) Take your vaccination booklet with you and they will take note of the microchip number and also the dates for the next vaccination.


They will also advise on regular flea and worming regimes.






Your kitten will arrive with 4 weeks free pet plan insurance, I use this as it offers a cover for life policy.


I would recommend that you continue with an insurance provider that offers cover for life, even if you don’t continue with PetPlan.



Holidays/Away from Home


There are various options available for the care your pet when you are away from home.


Find a good local cattery, I believe the best way to find these is by recommendation but if not make sure you visit in advance and take a look round to ensure the cats seem relaxed.


House sitters, there are companies that now offer house sitting services, I’m very lucky in having a friend that stays when we go away. This option gives peace of mind as not only are your pets well looked and after so is your home.



Feeding Services, there are companies that offer feeding services and will call in twice a day (or as requested) to feed your pets. Again I would suggest that you get local recommendations.


Both the above services should be registered and insured - please only use reputable companies.