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News and Updates

Our cats have a great life and enjoy life as part of our family so here we will give you some examples of what they get up to......

...So this is Criminal Minds Penelope Garcia - she loves to be up high and is an expert balancing on top of doors, kitchen units and wardrobes - she is nearly a year old now

May 2018

More about Garcia

April 2018


...Update...we are pleased to announce the arrival of 4 beautiful healthy kittens born on 15th May 2018

June 2018

2nd June, we are celebrating the 1st Birthday of our Criminal Minds Litter

Casmexkatts Penelope Garcia has stayed with us and we hope to breed from her - her 4 brothers and 1 sister are now living happily with their new owners who have provided us with some lovely up to date photos which we are sharing with you.....

This is Rossi

(now known as Zar)

This is Hotch who is now

known as Freddie...


This is JJ...


This is Morgan now answers to Derek...


So here is Spencer

now called Leif


Garcia and their mum

Pebble belowhere ...