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Previous Litters

Second Litter - Born 18th August 2015


Sire Ch Nandinakatts Chocoloate Fudge Cake



Dam Ch Nandinakatts Georgina Harrison


This was the Warrior Litter, named as they were both fighters, having to be hand reared for 3 weeks as their Mum was poorly.


They both fought to survive and now live with friends in Southampton and are spoilt rotten.


Third Litter - Born 4th September 2015


Sire Ch Nandinakatts Chocoloate Fudge Cake



Dam Premier Nandinakatts Jingle Bell


These are named after the Grateful Dead song 'Ripple', in keeping with the naming of the first 2 Norwegian Forest cats we had, one of them being Jingle Bell (Mexi)





Casmexkatts Hercules

Casmexkatts Boudicea

Hercules & Boudicea

Casmexkatts Pebble

Casmexkatts Ripple

Pebble & Ripple

Below we have given you a taster of our previous litters

Fifth Litter - Born 2nd June 2017


Sire GIC GB* Nandinakatts Seeley Booth DVM



Dam Casmexkatts Pebble


This litter was our Criminal Minds Litter after a popular TV series.  This was a lively litter of six bundles of fun - there was never a dull moment having these six beautiful adventurous kittens exploring every part of our home





Fourth Litter - Born 29th April 2017


Sire IC Nandinakatts Prince Charming



Dam  Nandinakatts Cherry Garcia


We decided this was the Spice Litter





Casmexkatts Cinnamon Stick

Casmexkatts Chilli Pepper

Casmexkatts Grated Nutmeg

Casmexkatts Beudy

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