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Norwegian Forest Cats

About Casmexkatts

My name is Annette and I've grown up around cats, initially at my grandparents and then Mum and I convincing my Dad that we needed our own, since then cats have always been part of the family.

In 2011 I realised a long time dream of owning a pedigree cat.....meeting Clara of Nandinakatts, who agreed to support me and allow me to join her in strengthening her breeding program. She has mentored me and still does today, an amazing friend and so supportive..

Casey and Mexi came to live with us and Casmexkatts was formed, and registered with Fife.


Which brings me to my partner in crime in Casmexkatts - Lauren, we met in 2015 when Lauren contacted me to see if we had any kittens, Harley and Xena moved to live with Lauren and her husband Dave. 

Mexi had just had 2 kittens Ripple and Pebble and having had a difficult birth had to be neutered, I was struggling to decide which kitten to keep when Lauren suggested that they could maybe take one, Pebble went to live with them and that is where the partnership began. 

I must give Dave and Steve my husband a shout out as without then it would not be possible,  they are a huge support  to us both, with our adult cat family and especially when we have a litter of kittens.

The cats are first and foremost our pets, breeding is something we do as a hobby, with the aim of strengthening breeding lines and maintaining the true characteristics of the breed.


Available Kittens

We are thrilled to introduce the Coronation Litter born on May 11th 2023 to CH Casmekatts Cinnamon Stick and CH Casmexkatts Pebble

Proud Parents


This site is currently being rebuilt so please check back for updates and more information.

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